Release v3.2.x: We've Updated Our Hero and CTA Styles

January 26, 2018

Release notes


  • Remove preview button from editing pages.
  • Add image zoom option on CTAs on homepage.
  • Add new hero styles to allow positioning of text overlay, text color, and effects.
  • Hide gallery title when displaying gallery on a page.
  • Ability to add additional text to open hours module.
  • Fix missing square ratio in media embeds; refine embed styles.
  • Add helper text to the entity queue listing display.


  • Fix CTA so that it does not default to white description text on white background 3.


  • Confirm front-end Javascripts conform to current best practices
  • Linting tool is updated to enforce current best practices


  • When three or more CTAs are in the same region, update button link color to black instead of white.


  • Fix alignment issue with homepage heroes using badge
  • Fix text overflowing on Internet Explorer on mobile


  • Fix news and events component width when Prominence Auto and Style Auto is selected.
  • Change code color function to use fallback default colors if colors are not present in theme color override map


  • Fix¬†missing border drop shadow on FAQ accordion
  • Fix sidebar component width