Release v4.11x: Improved Mobile Menus

July 19, 2019

Release notes v4.11x


  • Improved mobile menu
    • add mobile menu header items (home icon, menu close button, optimized icons)
    • adjust mobile menu markup, fix tab trap and focus management
    • no longer move active trail to the top, instead scroll to active trail. Change active icon to large disk.
    • section nav fixes
    • add scroll hint button, change menu toggle to button element, style fixes, add scroll opacity to scroll hint
    • fix mobile menu scroll hint opacity
    • remove obsolete menu height calculation from mobile menu, unbind event listener when mobile menu is deconstructed
    • prevent ios from scrolling when mobile menu is open
    • mobile menu ios body scroll script edits, make toggle buttons part of the tabindex
    • update home link class in mobile menu script
    • fix z-index issue where mobile overlay would sit on top of menu in ie 10
  • Allow featured content to link to Service, Clinic, and Lab nodes
  • Update the carousel to use crossfade and reduce transition time
  • Allow Shared Facilities to use affiliations
  • Menu toggle button is sticky at the top of the page when menu bar is scrolled out of view
  • Update Video styles to work with new default auto cropped 21:9 image ratio
  • Video now works side-by-side other components
  • Update Featured Content styles to work with new default auto cropped 21:9 (style auto) and Square (style 1) image ratios


  • Fix related profiles pagination top padding on tablet and desktop
  • Fix default component link colors to be distinguishable from the font color
  • Add link indicator arrow icon to gateway and featured content links
  • Add text link underline to opening hours text field and cta phone
  • Fix component background 3 and 4 link color theme variables
  • Fix utility nav container to fix links wrapping on small desktop
  • Make opening hours style 1 list items vertical padding even
  • Fix cta style 3 with square image mobile styles
  • Add style overrides for horizontal rules, remove height set in system theme css
  • Fix carousel overflow
  • Fix featured content basic page link underline override
  • Fix featured content style 1 in featured layout with sidebar to display image and text stacked
  • Editors should now see the styles for unpublished nodes 
  • Sticky menu button is now visible on smaller screen safari browsers 
  • Phone CTA overlay links in structured content now behave as expected and no longer create a duplicate link.