Release v4.2.x: See Our New Hero Carousel, Badge Component, and PayPal Embed

August 10, 2018

Release Notes



  • Users can now create galleries to be implemented as carousels on the homepage and landing pages. If a site has a carousel, editors can edit the images and text within that carousel.
  • The user interface for editing taxonomy terms has been simplified by removing unused fields. A vertical tab layout has been implemented to match node editing.
  • A new badge component has been implemented as a homepage option. A badge typically provides an indication of accomplishment, skill or quality such as a top ranking in US News & World Report.
  • Added ability to embed PayPal button code for payment within a site.


  • News categories are now called topics.
  • Users can now search to filter news.
  • News has been extended to include topics pages and search. A top stories list has been implemented for topics. The change allows privileged user roles to curate top stories news for news topics. [Note: If a primary topic is selected, then the topics checkbox will automatically be selected. The relationship between news and topics is based on the topics field.]
  • Additional entity queues have been added to allow users to group and arrange items for topic views.
  • “Browse By Topic” header will not show on newsroom if no topics have been selected for news stories.
  • In the Media items are now grouped with all news.
  • News/events has been fixed so that Drupal no longer replaces underscore with dashes in HTML markup.


  • Newsroom styles changed, adding four top stories.  
  • Updated colors and fonts corresponding with new branding.
  • New font style for bullets.
  • Adjusted FAQ accordion padding, font, list, and link styles.
  • Additional CTA style developed for the CUIMC site.
  • New style treatment for pull quotes.