Release v4.3.x: Learn About Our Text Call-Out Feature and Updated Component Styles

September 25, 2018

Release Notes



  • The clear float style has been added to the WYSIWYG stylesheet in order to become more transparent for editors.
  • Text callout plugin has been added to the WYSIWYG. Editors can add a callout box to a node with a title and description.
  • Specific styles have been added to the gateway component to allow it to mix with other components.
  • Editors have the ability to add a horizontal rule through the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Prevent News node and topics from crashing when user delete a topic that in use.
  • Disable multiple columns on small mobile for gateways.
  • Fixed bug that was stripping custom bullet and number styles when customizing lists via WYSIWYG.
  • Disallow underline HTML element in WYSIWYG.


  • Created standardized component background styles for the following: Opening Hours, Gateway, Featured Content, Badges, CTAs, CTA Phone, In Numbers, News/Events, Video.
  • Changed page title color to our default "black", lightened page and component title colors.
  • Fixed featured news summary so that it does not automatically align to the bottom of the box.
  • Adjusted styles for “add to cart” payment buttons. When there is no title or description listed, only the button will display. Made PayPal submit buttons blue by default.
  • Addressed the following accessibility issues: open hours spacing, promoted news listing icon color, and newsroom spacing.
  • External link icons have been hidden from footer logos.
  • Carousel display issues adjusted for images without captions on Internet Explorer 10.
  • Updated featured top stories in the newsroom so that the image displays first.
  • Updated News/Events on the homepage so that it will only display icons for prominence primary (full width).
  • In empty News/Events listing, text will appear full width.
  • Adjusted promoted topics so that empty news items styles do not display dashes.
  • News simple search button and promoted topics “View All” link is now blue by default. Made the "View All Topics" button larger in the newsroom.
  • Decreased labs publications font size.
  • Fixed headings and padding for components using the four-column region style.
  • Adjusted hero title sizes.
  • Adjusted the font sizes for lists. Increased spacing between list news items.
  • Fixed summary font size on desktop for news and blogs.
  • Fixed minor CTA style, color and alignment issues.
  • Updated events deadline icon size in right rail.
  • Reduced size of top margin before the start of a people list.
  • Updated styles for blog listings and promoted posts. A blog icon has been added to promoted blog listings on a homepage.
  • Fixed blogs byline appearing before titles in certain listings.
  • Adjusted spacing on RSS feed link for blog listing