Release v4.4.x: Introducing Our New Services Feature and iContact Embed

November 1, 2018

Release notes



  • Editors now have the ability to embed an iContact form into a page.  (iContact is a service provider for capturing emails.)
  • Added new content type for Services with 3 display styles (grid, list, and list with search).
  • Updated News main search to display search button next to input field if search has no filters.
  • Updated badge component styles.
  • Enabled interior video background styles on featured layouts and interior pages.
  • Added CUPS profiles display on Unit content types. Listings are paginated for optimal UX.
  • Pagination styles across all pages have been updated to solid blue for previous and next buttons.
  • Updated background and border styles for components.
  • Changed gallery arrows so they only appear on non-touch devices and remain partially hidden until gallery interaction takes place.
  • Fixed gallery display issue on Internet Explorer 10 and 11 when slide had no caption.
  • Updated CUPS teaser "View All" button so that it is blue by default on CUPS search list pages.
  • Standardize search results header styles on CUPS, core facilities, and events pages (using the same styles as news search.)
  • Add default top right "View All" link styles to announcements with primary prominence.
  • Adjusted CTA font styles; increased font size when title is blank.
  • Updated News component paragraph to use Sans Serif.
  • Add fallback mobile menu styles for orphaned active trails.
  • Fixed slick dots on Carousels so they do not appear when carousel has focus and the region is overlapped.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed News/Events/Announcements button color to use the main theme color.
  • Fixed background color of Events ellipsis styles.
  • Fixed color and contrast issues for News topics.
  • Fixed Gateway padding. Added missing Gateway sidebar title underline border.
  • Fixed CTA image to be full width if it's not next to other components.
  • Fixed CTA table overrides for certain styles.
  • Select boxes in the search forms now scale properly.
  • Updated services search box styles so they are not dependent on the order of drop-down fields.