Release v4.5x: Display updates for Services List View, Grid View, Glossary, and Search

December 12, 2018

Release notes v4.5x


  • Updated Services to allow for the following options and styles:
    • List display in a compact list view
    • List display in a grid view
    • List display with search
    • List display with glossary
    • List display with glossary and search
    • Alphabet filter styles (Letters A through Z are displayed on the page representing the first letter of the service title.)
  • Updated headers, footers, and page container to full width on large screens. Added a default background color for full width component.
  • Added script that sets dominant color of a hero image as the background of its region.
  • Implemented code to standardize components subtitle, link title, paragraphs font styles, and sizes. Created separate typography stylesheets for each component.
  • Added default component border styles to Badges, In Numbers, and CTAs.
  • Refactors image-replace code to scale background image based on container width. Added mobile only option for image replacement with variable display width.
  • Payment form: removed extra space above headlines, changed description link styles to use sans serif. Make payment buttons the same size as buttons created with WYSIWYG.
  • Changed mobile gallery styles to move the image to the top.
  • Updated CTA style 1 to allow for left and/or center text alignment.
  • Added deadline icon to icon font, and updated event deadlines promoted listing styles.
  • Update CTA phone structured content to align left on desktop


  • Tweaked CTA and video background overlay to fix contrast issues.
  • Adjust open hours colors to be automatically accessible.
  • Fixed prominence widths, and padding. Add styles for revised clear float.
  • Fixed badges title and description padding.
  • Updated promoted news and events styles
  • Make gateway component background auto white by default
  • Fixed CUPS simple search prominence, button color, and typography styles.
  • Fixed long page titles overflow issue
  • Fixed featured content image size within featured layout
  • Fixed browser issues on services pagination.
  • Fixed cups location with no map address alignment, make body container full width.
  • Fixed newsroom default region background color.
  • Fixed timeline bullets misalignment on mobile.