Release v4.6x: Updated News Articles Allows For Related Profiles and Services

January 2, 2019

Release notes v4.6x


  • Added a new tab for News stories called "Related Content." The Related Content tab allows users to make a┬ámeaningful connection between news articles and associated services and/or profiles.
    • Related Services: Enter the name of an existing service listed on the site to link it to a related news item.
    • Related Profiles: Enter the name of an existing CUPS profile listed on this site to link it to a related news item.
  • Updated to display to list most recent related news articles on a CUPS profile.
  • Updated Sitewide alerts to provider various styles based on urgency. The Site Wide Alert feature allows editors to communicate important information on the global header.
    • There are three styling options based on severity: emergency (red), advisory (dark grey), and notice (light grey).
  • Updated list nodes so that it can be added to the featured content widget.


  • Allowed WS Admin to edit site name and site description. The site name and description are added to home page meta tags and may be displayed when sharing a link to the site's home page on social networks.
  • Updated site description to extend character limit from 128 to 200.
  • Added support for paging through lists without requiring a complete page reload.
  • Fixed bug to allow uppercase letters in anchor fragments.
  • Fixed bug that breaks WYSIWYG Callout when text is deleted. The Callout no longer converts from editing interface to an inline pop-up.