Release v4.8x: Introducing Testimonials

March 8, 2019

Release notes v4.8x


  • Added a new feature called Testimonials. The feature gives site editors the ability to add a patient review as a way to endorse provider services and build patient confidence. Testimonials can be added to related profiles, services, and news items. They can also be added to a homepage, featured layout page, basic page, and sidebar for increased visibility.
  • Created proofpoint url decoder widget for IT site only
  • Updated right sidebar to appear larger on desktops as a fix to crowding in the sidebar.
  • Added styles for svg site logo uploads.
  • Updated region background 3 to be light blue (replacing the dark black gradient) and adjusted component color contrasts accordingly.
  • Enhanced styles for unpublished nodes when editing.


  • Fixed spacing on News page topic buttons.
  • Adjusted newsroom font sizes and top story styles.
  • Updated CTA images on medium size screens to fix alignment issue.
  • Adjusted promoted News on Featured Layouts to display two columns instead of four if there are four items.
  • Fixed image alignment/size for Announcements on small screens.
  • Updated related News title link contrast to be compliant with accessibility requirements.
  • Adjusted header items/navigation to align to the maximum width of the page.
  • Forced email addresses inside tables to line break on smaller screens to prevent them from overflowing on the table.
  • Updated text so that it always wraps around images in a testimonial list item, regardless whether summary or body content is used.
  • Fixed inconsistent mobile margins and hidden mobile menu links.
  • Fixed button hover color and location link color for certain styles.
  • Adjusted related Testimonials so they have a top margin when there are no related News items.
  • Reverted to dark blue for section navigation border default without sub-navigation.