Our Services

The Web Services team manages your entire technical stack-including the regular maintenance cycle, security, and updates-allowing for significant economies of scale while maximizing institutional savings.

Our Product: The CUIMC Distribution

The CUIMC Distribution is a turnkey solution for CUIMC websites. All our websites benefit from a stable and robust platform that offers new features, responsive design, timely security updates, and constantly improved functionality… so what benefits one site in the distribution benefits all. 

We’ve also partnered with the Office of Communications to incorporate the Columbia brand guidelines into ready-to-use themes for CUIMC Distribution sites that work across devices, from desktop to mobile.

We provide everything you’ll need for your new site:

  • Hosting
  • Site setup
  • Training
  • Site launch
  • Columbia brand design
  • Security and maintenance updates
  • Continuous feature improvements

What We Do

Creating and maintaining a website is a daunting challenge… which is why we’re here to help.

  • We’ll meet with you and discuss your goals, your department, and your existing site (if you have one… if not, no problem. That’s why you’re here, right?)
  • Our content managers will help you organize and structure your content for the best user experience, coordinate photo shoots, or even write content for you!
  • Our development team will help you identify what features make sense for you and your department, and
  • Our team will work with you to create a clear timeline for launch and identify important milestones for meeting your launch date goal.


A great new site won’t be very useful if there’s no one there to help when you need a hand. We promise we’ll be here for you even after the site launches. As we develop new features and improve our product, you’ll reap the benefits. It’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

While even staff with minimal web experience can use the distribution’s powerful toolset to easily expand and edit their website, we’ll be with you every step of the way. We provide comprehensive training, a robust online user guide, and a support portal for the really tough questions or urgent issues.

And remember: Web Services handles all security updates, accessibility considerations, and maintenance/support. We’ll even let you know about improvements and new features, which are automatically available to all sites on our distribution. 

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