Advanced Distribution Training: News & Events

Advanced trainings build on the knowledge from the Basic Distribution Training and focus on specific areas or subjects. In this Advanced Distribution Training, we will focus News and Event features. We will walk users through the process of adding, editing and implementing news and event items on your site.


  • This class is optional, but should only be taken after you've completed the Web Content Strategy Training and the Basic Distribution Training
  • This class is conducted currently online only. Zoom information will be sent only to registrants on the day of the event.
  • Runtime: Approximately 1-2 hours


  • New Distribution Users: This is included in your project costs. 
  • Existing Distribution users: This is included in your annual costs.


  1. News Features
  2. Events Features
  3. Using News and Events
    1. News Types: News, Announcements, and Blog
    2. Create a News item
      1. Creating quotes and callouts
      2. Sitewide News vs. Group News
    3. Displaying news
      1. Entity Queues
      2. Promoted News: Homepage
      3. Top Stories: News Page
      4. Top Stories by Topic: Topic Landing pages
    4. Create an in the media item
    5. Create a topic
    6. Creating events
    7. Displaying events
  4. Resources and Support
  5. Summary