Jira Training


In the Jira Training, we review what Jira is, how to use it, and what resources and support are available. The goal of the class is to learn how to create support requests and resolve your issues efficiently.


  • This class is included at the end of the Basic Distribution Training. If you need a separate training scheduled just for this, please contact Web Services.
  • This class is intended only for Web Liaisons who have been or will be receiving access to Jira.
  • This is open to new, existing or legacy product users
  • Runtime: 10-15 minutes. 


  • New Distribution Users: This is included in your project costs. 
  • Existing Distribution users: This is included in your annual costs.
  • Legacy product users: This is included in your annual costs.


  1. What is Jira?
  2. How to use Jira
    1. How to Access and Log Into Jira
    2. Password or Access Issues with Jira
    3. Creating a Support Request in Jira
    4. Adding an Attachment in Jira
  3. Resources and Support