Platform Training

In the Platform Training, we teach users how to create web pages, news items, and events on our legacy system called the Platform. We describe in detail how to format text, add images, write hyperlinks, and arrange menu items. Additionally, a JIRA Training will also be included at the end for any users who will be web liaisons and will need to create support requests through JIRA.



  • New Platform users: This is included in your project costs. 
  • Existing Platform users: This is included in your annual costs.


  1. What is the Platform?
  2. Integrations
    1. CAS
    2. CUPS
    3. Google Maps and MyMaps
    4. YouTube and Vimeo
  3. Using the Platform
    1. Login
    2. The Toolbox and dashboards
    3. Editing existing pages
    4. Create a new page
    5. Prominence
    6. Taxonomies
    7. Link to an email
    8. Creating a button
    9. Upload and link to a PDF
    10. Add an Adding a featured or standard image
    11. Revisions
    12. Publishing a page 
    13. Unpublish a page
    14. Move a page to a different part of the site
  4. News
  5. Events
  6. Resources and Support
    1. Support Requests
  7. JIRA Training (Optional)
    1. Offered to individuals who need to create support requests
    2. Length: 5-10 minutes