Accessing Your Site

To get access to a site managed by CUIMC Web Services, you'll need the following:

  1. A Columbia UNI.
  2. Complete the required trainings.
  3. Get approval from your Primary Web Liaison. 

Columbia UNIs

If you don't have one, contact your Primary Web Liaison about getting one. If you are unsure who your Primary Web Liaison is, please contact us.

Required Trainings

Distribution Sites

All users will need to take the following trainings to gain access to any Distribution site.

  1. Web Content Strategy Training
  2. Basic Distribution Training
  3. Advanced Distribution Training: News & Events (Optional, but recommended for users dealing with news or events)

You can view upcoming trainings and register on our Training Schedule page.

Platform and other Legacy Products

Training requirements and times will vary for our other legacy products. Please check out our FAQ for more information on product-specific training requirements. If you are unsure what product is used for your site, please contact us.

Access Approval

Once you have completed the required training, contact the Primary Web Liaison for the site you would like access to and inform them you have completed the required training. Once approved by the Primary Web Liaison, they will need to create a support request with CUIMC Web Services using JIRA, granting the associated user access, including what their project role will be for the site. If you are unsure who your Primary Web Liaison is, please contact us.