Finding Content

  • Login to your site. (For more information, visit our Logging In page)
  • Click on Content in the upper left-hand corner of the site.
  • Use the following search filters to find existing content. Users can drill down further into the filter by applying multiple filters at once.

Search Filters:

  • Title: Type it the page title, or part of a page title, to find content matching your title criteria.
  • Type: Filter down results by content type: page, gallery, lab, news, service, etc.
  • Author: Type the UNI of the user who created the page.
  • Published: Chose Yes or No to filter your content based on its publishing status.
  • Vocabulary: Use predefined terms to search your content based on phrases that appear on the page (for example: news bylines)
  • Once you have located the node, click on the page title to open the preview, or click edit under operations to open for editing.

Workflow Note: Unpublished pages on the Distribution are not able to be viewed or edited by users outside of the original author. Please talk to your primary web liaison on receiving access to unpublished content on the site, if necessary.