Accessibility Checklist

Below you will findĀ a checklist of common areas and tasks that you should ensure are being done for content being posted to a site:

Do all my pages have a short unique title?

Each page needs its own title. More important words should be closer to the left so it is found as fast as possible. Avoid filler words without making it hard to read.

Are headings being used correctly?

Items set as headings (h tags) should be information of significance. The heading 1 is only used once for the title field. There should only be headings 2-6 in your body content. 

  • Heading 1 (h1): The most important keywords about your content, set in the title field
  • Heading 2 (h2): Secondary Keywords or subjects that split your content up into sections
  • Heading 3-6 (h3-h6): Additional Keywords or subtopics within your h2's

Are my headings structured correctly and placed in the right order?

Headings in your body content should be set in the proper order, starting with a heading 2 and going up to a heading 6. Do not skip headings to set the text based on the size or style you are looking for.

Example Structure

  • Web Content Strategy [Heading 1] 
    • Web Accessibility [Heading 2] 
      • What it is web accessibility? [Heading 3] 
        • Who is affected by accessibility? [Heading 4] 
      • Legal Risk [Heading 3]
    • SEO [Heading 2]
      • What is SEO? [Heading 3]
    • Content Planning [Heading 2]
      • Scannable Content [Heading 3]

Is my content written at an appropriate reading level?

Typically, content should be written for a highschool reading level. Use the Hemingway Editor to verify.

Did I use proper formatting for my content?

Lists, quotes, callouts, and tables can be tricky sometimes. Look them over and make sure they are formatted and implemented correctly. If anything looks off and you are not sure what the problem is, contact us.

Do my links use high context text?

Links should not be URLs or use default text. It should be readable language that is understandable out of context. 

  • Most users typically see about 2 words (11 Characters) for most link titles.
  • Use well-written, short and concise, high-context link text


Do my images have the alt text field filled out?

The key goal is to describe the nature or content of an image.


  • Be succinct.
  • Explaining who, what and where is a good basis for most images.
  • The amount of detail is based on the content and context.


  • Be repetitive (repeat adjacent or body text).
  • Use the phrases "image of…" or "graphic of…".