Spell Out Your Acronyms

When using an acronym, write out the full name the first time it's used on the page, with the acronym following in parentheses. Every reference after should be the acronym alone. This rule holds for every page.

  • Rules for acronyms apply to Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP): they must be written out the first time they are used on every page.
  • The addition of "Irving" to CUIMC is new and should be incorporated into all content.
  • Note no space between New and York when writing out NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.


The Columbia Stem Cell Initiative (CSCI) studies stem cells with the intent to:

  • Model human diseases
  • Develop new diagnostics and therapies
  • Create new cells and tissues to replace damaged, aged, or diseased body parts.

Toward this end, CSCI encourages diverse experts to come together to conduct basic research in stem cell biology and tissue regeneration, and to translate discoveries into new stem cell-based therapies.