Names, Titles, and Degrees

Faculty Names

The first time you refer to a faculty member, use their full name, followed by a comma and their degrees and/or titles. Thereafter you may refer to someone as Dr. xxxx, Professor xxxx, Dean xxxx, etc.

  • The ColumbiaDoctors cardiac amyloidosis team is led by Mathew Maurer, MD, a thought leader of this misunderstood and under-recognized disease. Dr. Maurer and his team are developing new diagnostic tools, offering new drug therapy trials, and treating the symptoms of cardiac amyloidosis accurately and carefully to alleviate symptoms and extend the life of our patients.


MD, PhD, and other degrees are not written with periods at CUIMC.

Faculty Titles

Named professorships use upper case. All other faculty titles use lower case when following their names. Titles such as "doctor", "professor", and "dean" use lowercase unless they precede a faculty member's name.

  • Simon Wordsworth, the Henry Higgins Professor of Speech Therapy
  • Wilda Wildwood, professor of biochemistry and assistant dean of students, met with the dean of research.
  • He introduced Professor Wildwood to Dean Hazmat. The dean invited her to speak at his upcoming conference.

Be sure to get endowed chair names correct. In many cases, the names are explicitly specified in legal documents as a condition of the donor’s gift to the university.