What is News?

News is used for creating your own news article or linking to an external news source's article. It has features for listing the author, date, news source, and references.

Creating News

To create a News item, go to Content and click on +Add content and select News.

On this tab, Overview, you will see seven fields:

  • Type: Select News, Announcement, or Blog.
    • ​Some choices may not be displayed depending on how your site is setup.
    • Announcements and Blog function similarly. However, are displayed separately from News.
    • Make sure you select the type based on where you want your news item to be displayed. 
  • Title: The title of your news item that will appear at the top of the body content.
  • Subtitle: If filled out this will appear below the news title.  
  • Byline: Enter author's name, or select from previously entered authors, to display a byline.
  • Date: Enter a date to display in the byline of this news article.
  • External News Source: If you are linking to an external media source, enter the source name here.
  • External URL: Enter an absolute URL to an external news item. If an external URL is provided this news item will be treated as an 'In the Media' piece and will link directly to the external news item. 
  • Summary: A short description of the news content.

On the next tab, Body, you will enter the body content of the news item. Following the Body field, you can optionally enter References as well as the name of your Media Contact. You will also be able to add structured content, including the following:

  • Postal Address: A formatted address that can be displayed with or without a map
  • Text: A text area that can be placed between other structured content fields

The section is designated for categories. First, you will see a drop-down for Primary Category, this is the official taxonomy created by the CUMC Newsroom. Next, there is a checkbox for Announcements, if checked you will be able to feature this content in the announcement listing style. The final category field allows you to enter free tags. As you type it will suggest other tags you may have entered.

On the final tab, Multimedia, you can add images or video to appear in designated areas:

  • Video: Appears at the top of the news item
  • Hero: Appears at the top of the news item
  • Featured Image: No longer in use
  • Teaser Image: Appears when adding the story to the Promoted or Top Stories entityqueue

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