What are Services?‚Äč

Services (formerly known as Core Facilities) are used for listing centralized shared resources including spaces, equipment, and staff.

Creating a Service

To create a Service, go to Content and click on +Add content and select Service.

On this tab, Overview, you will see eight fields:

A screenshot of the overview tab in the services editor
  • Title: The title of your service that will appear at the top of the body content
  • URL: Link to an external webpage for this service
  • Subtitle: If filled out, this will appear below the title on the service
  • Summary: A short description of the service content
  • Type: An optional field to create or select a type of service. (For example, "Shared Resources" or "Patient Services"
  • Audience: An optional field to designate an audience for a particular service. (For example, "Students" or "Faculty")
  • Categories: Select types of resources this service offers
  • Director: Enter information about the director of the service
  • Contact: Enter contact information (postal address, phone, and email) for the service

On the next tab, Body, you will enter the body content of the page. You will also be able to add structured content, including the following:

A screenshot of the body tab in the services editor
  • People: Enter a list of staff or affiliated personnel (with or without headshots)
  • Text: Enter any text related to this service.

On the next tab, Multimedia, you have the option to upload a Featured or Teaser image. To learn how to add photos to your content, visit the Hero, Featured, and Teaser Images page.