What are Units?

Units are used to create a landing page for an administrative unit, such as a department, section, or division.

Creating a Unit

To create a Unit, go to Content and click on +Add content and select Unit.

On this tab, Overview, you will see four fields:

  • Title: The title of your unit that will appear at the top of the body content
  • Subtitle: If filled out this will appear below the unit title
  • Type: Select if the unit is a Division or a Section
  • Summary: A short description of the unit content

On the next tab, Body, you will enter the body content of the unit.

On the final tab, Multimedia, you can add images to appear in designated areas:

  • Featured Image: Appears at the top of the body content area, below the unit title
  • Teaser Image: Appears when using the Featured Content component