Adding an Item to a Menu

To add a content item to a menu on your site, just follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the page editor for the page that you want added to a menu
  2. Once on the Overview tab, scroll to the bottom of the editor and find the Menu settings section and click on it
  3. Once clicked, you should see a check box labeled Provide a menu link, then click on it
  4. Once that check box is selected, 3 fields will be displayed
    1. Menu link title
      This gets copied from the Title field for the page. It's recommended to keep this the same except in certain circumstances.
    2. Parent item
      This allows you to select the Parent item in the navigation that you want this item to be listed under. Ex:
    3. Weight
      This allows you to indicate where you want your item to be displayed among the other sibling items. Sibling items are multiple links added under the same parent item. We recommend setting this to zero, and letting it default to alphabetical order. However, if you want to manually adjust this, we recommend following the instructions under Managing your navigation using menus. Or, you can follow this logic to manually adjust your single item:
      1. Placing a link at the top of the menu: You'll need to use a negative number. The higher the negative number the higher in the menu it will go.
      2. Placing a link at the bottom of the menu: You'll need to use a positive number. The higher the positive number the lower in the menu it will go.
  5. Once the fields have been configured as desired, find the Save button in the bottom left corner

Once completed, your item should now appear in the configured menu.