Adding or Editing Locations

Adding Locations to Your Site

The addresses on your location page are controlled through CUPS. The page displays any locations assigned to active profiles that have been added to your site. To get a location added to your site, a CUPS editor will need to add that location to any profiles in CUPS.

Adding or Updating Locations in CUPS

If this location is not an available choice in CUPS, or if you need to update an existing address or location title; you'll need to email the Faculty Practice Office (FPO) and get it approved:

Once approved, the FPO will add the location in CUPS and it can then be selected in the CUPS profile. Once a location has been updated or added in the profile, it will automatically show up on your site. This could take 10 minutes to 6 hours to be visible on your site. If it’s been over 24 hours, please contact Web Services in the event there is an issue.