Embedding a Video

​Videos are a great interactive element that you can add to your site. This section will go over the necessary steps you would need to take to embed a video within the space of your content.​

First, you will need to use one of the approved and supported 3rd party services that will host video: YouTube, Vimeo, or Vimeo Livestream.


  1. First, have the video URL ready from the 3rd party site you are using:
    1. Eg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em_z70HYCck
    Next, position the cursor to the location where you want the video to be inserted
  2. Then, within the body field's WYSIWYG, click Media
  3. The Insert Media modal will pop up, then click on Browse
  4. Then, in the click on the Web tab
  5. Then, insert the video URL into the File URL or media resource field
  6. If done correctly, you should then see a preview of the video you want to embed. If not, check the URL you are using and go back to step 6.
  7. If you see a preview of the video you want to embed, click the Next button.
  8. Then you will get to select some options on how to embed the video on the page:
    1. Display as: Use this to set the video to "Full" or "Wrapped".
    2. Align: Use this to set the horizontal positioning based on the display selection you made.
  9. Once you've chosen your options, click on the Embed button.