Updating Existing Files

Why Updating files are better

Traditionally, when files or PDFs need to be updated on our legacy sites, you needed to delete the old file and upload the new one, then update all your links to the new file. This is now a thing of the past. Using the Distribution you can just edit the file and replace it with a new file so that all of your links will remain active and not broken.


To replace an old file with a new file you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Content tab, then click on Files
  2. Find the original file in Drupal, then click on the edit link
    1. You can use the filters to narrow the number of files you are searching for and then also click on Title to see them listed in Alphabetical order
  3. Using the replace file field, click the Choose file button
  4. A file browser window will pop up, select the new PDF and click Open
  5. Then click Save
  6. Then you should see a note with the following message:
    1. Document [Your-file-name] has been updated.