Using Your Toolbar

WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get

The WYSIWYG toolbar is the 2 rows of icons that appear at the top of any text fields that allow for formatting. These icons allow you to make your content accessible, SEO friendly, and easy to understand and read.

The Icons

Each icon in the WYSIWYG has a certain purpose or function to help you edit and format your content. The following list outlines the specifics for each icon:

  1. Cut: This copies and removes the selected content with the intent that it will be relocated elsewhere with the Paste function.
  2. Copy: This copies the selected content with the intent that it will be duplicated elsewhere with the Paste function.
  3. Paste as plain text: This inserts content that was previously copied using the Cut or Copy functions.
    *Please note, the content inserted will be in plain text, so any previous formatting will be removed.
  4. Undo: This will undo the previously completed action.
  5. Redo: This will redo the previously undone action. 
    *Please note, this function will not work unless the Undo function has been used.
  6. Find: This can be used to find specific text within the current text field you are editing.
  7. Replace: This can be used to replace a word or series of words.
  8. Spell Checker: This is used to check spelling.
  9. Remove Format: This is used to remove formattings such as Bold or Italic. It will not remove formatting styles, like headers.
  10. Show Blocks: This shows you the blocks of HTML elements used in your content.
  11. Source: This switches the content field into HTML view.
  12. Maximize: This expands the editing field to the full width of your browser window.​
  13. Formatting Styles: This allows you to style your content with headers
  14. Bold: This makes text bold.
  15. Italic: This makes text italicized.
  16. Link to content: This is used to create a link to internal or external content.
  17. Unlink: This is used to remove a link.
  18. Anchor: This can be used to create anchors in your content.
  19. Insert Special Character: This can be used to insert special characters.
  20. Insert/Remove Numbered List: This creates or removes a numbered list.
  21. Insert/Remove Bulleted List: This creates or removes a bulleted list
  22. Block Quote: This highlights a section of text in your content for a quote. It will make the text bigger, italicized and add quotation marks.
  23. Table: This creates a table. Once clicked a modal will pop up that will allow you to further customize your table.
  24. Media: This inserts media such as images or video. Once clicked a media modal will pop up that will allow you to select or upload the desired media.
  25. Content: This is used to insert special content features, like a gallery.
  26. Insert Teaser Break: This function is not used.
  27. Align Left: This allows you to align text to be left justified. This selection is applied by default.
  28. Align Right: This allows you to align text to be right justified.