Call to Action (CTA)

Call to actions, or CTAs are a useful feature that can be utilized to draw attention to an action that you want your website visitors to take.

Style Examples


An example of a CTA using the default style that has just a link at the bottom with an arrow


An example of a CTA using the button style that has a button at the bottom


An example of a CTA using the phone style that has a phone icon at the bottom left

Creating a CTA

  1. To create a Call To Action in a page you will notice Structured Content, right below the Body content.
  2. Once you find the Content Item Type list, change it to Call To Action and click theAdd another Content Item
  3. Select the Style CTA that you want to use:
    1. Default: Uses a standard styled link but with an arrow at the end
    2. Button: Uses a link styled as a button
    3. Phone: Uses a standard styled link but includes a phone icon at the beginning
  4. Then enter information as required in the following fields:
    1. Title: This will display a title for your CTA structured as a Heading 2
    2. Description: This is the text that will be displayed below your title
    3. Image: This will display a teaser sized image to the right of your text
    4. Inline Prefix: This places text before the link title (Phone STA style only)
    5. Link Title: This is the text you want to be displayed for the link
    6. URL: This is the URL that the link will go to
      1. For internal pages, select a URL by clicking on the Choose Link button so that it uses the node number and not the absolute URL
      2. For external pages, enter the absolute URL
    7. Inline Suffix: This places text after the link title (Phone STA style only)
  5. Once all the required fields are filled, no other tasks are required other than following the standard procedure to save the page.