Contact Information

Adding a Google Map

Contact Information allows you to highlight an address and add a Google map if desired. 

  • Good for single locations
  • For multiple locations on one map, use Google My Maps with the Map Structured Content type.


Here are some examples of what the different setting configurations look like.


An example of of the contact information structured content item.

With Map

An example of the contact information structured content item with a map displayed


This section will go over the necessary steps to add a Contact Information structure content item and include a Google map.

  1. ​First, you will need to go to the page where you would like to add a Google map.
  2. Then on the body tab, locate the Structured Content section just below the body field.
  3. Click on the Content Item type drop-down menu.
  4. Select Contact Information and select Add New Content Item.
  5. Once selected, a new Postal Address section should be visible under Structured Content with the following fields:
    1. Country
    2. Company
      1. This is displayed as the map title
    3. Address 1 *Required
    4. Address 2
    5. City *Required
    6. State *Required
    7. ZIP code **Required
    8. Phone
      1. Follow AP style for phone numbers, which uses dashes. (For example: 212-305-1234)
    9. Email
    10. Style
      1. The default style is an address written out without a map displayed. If you would like to display the map, this fields needs to be set to With Map.
  6. Once the desired fields are complete, click save at the bottom left corner of the page and your address and Google Map will be displayed.

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