Quotes and Callouts

Quotes can help users feel personally connected to the content on your site, especially when it comes to patient care. The Distribution offers different styling options based on where and how editors are using quotes. Learn the difference between the quote style options located in the WYSIWYG editor.

Pull Quotes

  • The Pull Quote styling does not necessarily have to be a quote—could be a phrase or tagline used in the passage.
  • Must appear in the text on the page.
  • Please note: the color used for the top and bottom border will depend on the designated detail color for your site (blue, red, green, etc.)
A statement styled with a pull quote: centered with colored border on top and bottom.

Block Quotes

  • Must be a quote.
  • Does not need to appear in the text on the page—could be a quote from elsewhere that relates to the passage.
A block-quote styled statement: italicized text, center.


  • Allows an editor to elevate certain text by placing it within a box in the body of a page.
  • The Callout feature should be used for additional information that is not already listed on the page. The feature is not meant to be used for quotes (see quote options above.)
  • Editors have the option to place the text on a blue or grey background.
  • Allows for a title, subtitle, list, hyperlink, bold, and italics.
A preview of a Callout feature: dark text and a bulleted list on a grey background.

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