Site Wide Alerts

The Site Wide Alert feature allows editors to communicate important information on the global header. There are three styling options based on severity: emergency, advisory, and notice.

Follow the steps below to publish a Site Wide Alert on your website:

  1. After logging into the site, click on “Configuration.”
  2. Click on “Site Wide Alert.”
A web editing interface for a site wide alert.
  1. Choose your style of Alert: Emergency, Advisory, or Notice. See below for more on style options.
  2. Use the limited WYSIWYG for your content. It allows for hyperlinks and bold and italic text.
  3. When you are ready to publish your alert, check the box marked “Enabled” at the top of the page. If it is not checked, you will be able to save your alert but it will not go live on your site.
  4. Once you have enabled your alert, click "Save Configuration" to publish your alert.

Writing tip: The Alert feature is meant to be a short message at the top of your website. If you need to communicate more than 1-2 sentences to your users, we recommend creating a basic page or a news item on the site and hyperlinking to that announcement from your alert.

Site Wide Alert Styles

Emergency Alert

Style: Red banner with white text.
Icon: Exclamation point in a triangle

A red emergency alert banner on a website.

Advisory Alert

Style: Dark grey with white text, or “knockout text”.
Icon: Exclamation point icon

An advisory alert banner on a website.

Notice Alert

Style: light grey banner with grey text.
Icon: “i” for Information

A grey and white notice on a website.