Event Calendar Service (Bedework)

What is the Event Calendar Service?

The Event Calendar Service (also called Event Calendar Service) is the centralized event management system for Columbia University and Columbia University Irving Medical Center. To add display events on your site, you'll need to create a calendar using the Event Calendar Service. Once your unit's event calendar is set up, you'll add events with full details to the Event Calendar Service. After all your event information has been added, CUIMC Web services will set up a sync so that all your events will display on your website. Once the sync is set up, any new events will automatically show on your website's events page.

Logging into the Event Calendar Service

For more information about the Event Calendar Service and how to login, please visit the Columbia University Events Administration page:

Creating a New Calendar or Requesting Access

If your site doesn't have a calendar, or if you don't have access to the existing calendar, you can contact CU IT to assist you:

Issues and Troubleshooting