Symplr Directory (Profiles)

What is Symplr Directory?

Symplr Directory (previously called Phynd), is a new data-management system that houses profiles information for CUIMC. It replaced our legacy profile system called CUPS. It is used to manage the profile information displayed on the ColumbiaDoctors website, and all CUIMC websites managed by Web Services, as well as the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital website. Having a Symplr Directory profile can be vital to your providers and department. Symplr Directory is a 3rd party tool that can feed information into your website. Provider pages on your website can pull information from Symplr Directory, making a seamless interface. Symplr Directory is designed to house all profile information about CUIMC faculty, including both provider and research information. If information is updated in Symplr Directory, it will be automatically updated on your website. Websites taking advantage of Symplr Directory allow patients and referrers to easily find your online profile, by improving search engines’ ability to identify information.

Profile Requests

The process for new profiles or existing profile updates is determined based on the profile type:

Provider Profiles

Provider profiles are managed by the FPO. To request a new provider profile or to make updates to an existing provider profile, please email

*ColumbiaDoctors will only create profiles for clinicians and clinicians with research segments. 

Non-Provider Profiles

Non-Provider profiles are managed by Web Services. To request new profiles or updates to profiles for researchers, teaching faculty, or other staff members, please contact your department administrator or Web Liaison to coordinate your request. If you need to contact Web Services directly, please contact our team.

Required Information for New Profiles

To create a profile the following fields are required:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name or Initial (If applicable)
  • Last Name
  • Name Suffix (If applicable; Example: Junior)
  • Professional Suffix (Example: MD, PhD)
  • UNI
  • NPI (National Provider Identifier, if applicable)
  • Gender (Male/Female/Prefer not to say)
  • Are they a provider?
  • Are they a researcher?
  • What sites do they need to be added to?

Who May Edit Profiles?

Currently, only approved and trained administrators may edit physician profiles. To obtain administrator access for provider or research profiles, departmental administrators should provide the name and UNI for the individual who needs access to the following email:

Logging Into Symplr

To access Symplr Directory, you will need to be granted access first. See the above for access details.

Profile Photos

Headshots in profiles can only be updated by the FPO or Web Services. Please contact the appropriate group noted in the Profile Requests section above to initiate a request.

Image Requirements

Profiles require high-quality digital images meeting the following requirements:

  • The minimum photo size required is 420px wide x 630px tall (1 to 1.5 ratio) at 72dpi
    (We recommend 800px by 1200px to 1200px by 1800px)
  • Profile photos should not be re-sized and should be un-cropped in their original format (preferably jpg)
  • Profile photos should be clear, not blurry, have no special effects (Gradients, fades, filters, borders, color effects, or any other stylized treatments) and have plenty of room around their face for cropping if necessary

If you would like to request a professional headshot, please contact the CUIMC Video Studio through the CUIMC Office of Communications.

Academic Titles

Academic titles in profiles are not connected or synced to any other systems. Titles updates must be requested to the FPO or Web Services and updated manually. Only titles that have been processed into Columbia’s systems and are noted in the Columbia directory will be updated. Please contact the appropriate group noted in the Profile Requests section above to initiate a request.

Any title updates required for the Columbia Directory will need to be requested to Faculty Affairs:


Please contact us based on the profile types below and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Provider Profiles

Non-Provider Profiles