Creating a Support Request in Jira

  1. Login in to JIira: 
  2. Click on Create Issue in the top menu bar.
    The JIRA admin bar with the Create button outlines with a red box
  3. The Create Issue pop-up modal will appear and look like the following:
    The create Issue modal, which consists of several fields including: Project, Issue type, Summary, Client, Account Code, Affected URL, Priority, and Description.
  4. If your Create Issue pop-up modal does not appear the same, please be sure that under Configure Fields (in the upper right corner of the pop-up), that All is selected.
    The create Issue modal cropped to just the top section with a red outline around the configure fields button.
  5. Complete all the required fields:
    1. Summary
      1. Be sure to provide a descriptive summary.  The summary should be specific and brief so that anyone can find this ticket in the future. For example, “Update Page” is a very generic summary, but “Update Dr. John Doe’s Physician Profile page” is more descriptive and helpful for searching for this ticket in the future.
    2. Client
    3. Affected URL
      1. If you don’t have a specific URL, use the main URL for the site involved.
      2. If you are requesting updates to multiple pages, you can include more URLs in the Description field with the description of what you’d like done on each page.
    4. Phone Number
  6. Fill out the Description field as required. This gives you the ability to:
    1. Add specific details regarding your issue
    2. Include additional URLs that are associated with your request
    3. Request for additional team members or users to be included on the ticket
    4. Reference associated tickets using WEB-XXXX (All caps, no spaces, include the dash)
      The create Issue modal cropped to just the description section with a red outline around the preview and help buttons.
      1. This gives you the Text Formatting Notation Help which includes information on adding advanced functions and features that you can use in the Description field.
      2. This gives you a preview of the Description field with text formatting.
  7. Add Attachments as required. 
    1. Add Screenshots of your issues
    2. Include images that are associated with the request
    3. Include files such as word documents, excel files, or email messages that are associated with the request
      The create Issue modal cropped to just the Attachment section with a red outline around the Select files button.
  8. Click Create in the lower right corner of the pop-up box to complete the request. 
    1. You will be notified through email when your request is complete.